boarding school

St Francis College is fulfiliing the expectations of girls

Are you having an idea of getting admission into a world-class school for your daughter.? If yes, your dream might come true by admission into St Francis College located in Letchworth Garden City. This school is one of the leading independent girl’s schools in the city providing day and boarding education. The modern vision of the school is a major highlight of the school management blended with traditional values for educating students. The girls aged between 3-18 are given education in an outstanding way by the school. However, the older girls alone are given with boarding facilities.

The education program of this school enriches the individual development of the student through their spiritual and intellectual skill improvement. The comprehensive approach of the education system to the girls gives incredible results among girls. They are made to think independently, allowed to act wisely, and made to aware of the social responsibilities of the students in society. Individual attention is given to the students by the teachers so that they gain full potential. The students become socially, academically, and emotionally better in all aspects. The teachers always encourage and motivate students in all fields. Mainly, the extracurricular activity of the student is supported similar to studies.

The senior school aims at improving the potential of the students in all aspects like arts, social, ability, arts, and academically. The girl would leave college and is ready to face the real challenges of life by acquiring talents at the school level. The sixth form of education at the college aim at improving the independent skills of the student. The students will become self -organized and self-reliant through effective sessions undertaken at the school. Asides education, the school imparts knowledge to students in all fields like leadership, communication, and teamwork. These skills are essential to fight against the odds of life. Also, the students gain extra knowledge by traveling to different countries for learning new things.

Boarding facilities for older people are offered by the school management. These facilities are improving the students’ socializing skills and well being. The students can understand the importance of human values and understanding others by the mind. The authority well in advance publishes the list of activities for the boarding students week wise. Each day of the week is assigned with some activities like mystery, sports, arts, media, and optional activity.

The main highlight of students’ success in this independent girls’ school is that the management arranges public gatherings on a regular basis. During the gathering, the old students are invited to share their experience and success with the new students. This meeting forms the bridge between these two students so that the new relationship is born. The parents of the students are invited to attend the public meetings and they can spend time with the teacher discussing the pros and cons of their children.

The school management is taking sincere efforts while selecting the students during admission with care and sincerity. The grand success of this college is attributed to the dedication and commitment of the staff.