Benefits of colored glass whiteboard

Colored glass whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard that comes in a variety of colors with a wide range of uses. It can be used for painting, drawing, and various other applications, making it an effective tool in many different classrooms. Many schools make use of the board as part of their curriculum to teach students new skills at an early age.

Benefits of colored glass whiteboard

  1. They are fairly inexpensive

This whiteboard is meant to be affordable for both schools and home use, which makes it perfect for anyone’s budget.

  1. They are easy to hang

Whiteboards have become quite popular in recent years due to the ease of hanging them on the classroom walls or door frame. These boards, however, can also be easily hung on a wall with the use of a t-tape strip. This makes it very easy for any teacher or parent to put up a new whiteboard for their students or family members to use at any time.

  1. Privacy

This whiteboard can be completely covered up with an opaque protective cover. This way, students and family members will have privacy as they are drawing or writing on it. In this case, the board is not in full view of everyone in the classroom, making it much more conducive to learning. Additionally, there can be some covers that can also show pictures of students’ drawings and/or words to inspire them as they are writing on the board.

  1. They are extremely durable

Furthermore, this whiteboard is durable and can withstand many drops and falls without getting damaged or knocked off its base. The durability is also guaranteed by the manufacturer, who ensures that the board will last for a certain amount of time.

  1. They are easy to clean and maintain

The glass surface also makes it very easy to clean and maintain. The whiteboard can be cleaned with just a wipe or a paper towel, which is great for schools that do not have many resources available to pay extra attention to cleaning their whiteboards each day.

  1. Thin frame

Another great feature of this board is that it has a thin frame – only 4mm thick – which means you can easily see through it when someone is writing on the glass surface. This way, you have a “window” into what is being drawn or written, without having to look directly at the board.

  1. Specifically made for children

It also comes with a frame that is specifically made for children, which means that they will not have trouble seeing what they are writing or drawing. Children enjoy using a whiteboard since it mimics the experience of writing on paper with a pen or pencil, which many of them have had experience with their whole lives.

  1. Cleaner and cleaner lines

The glass surface of this board is also very smooth, preventing any sort of smudging or blurring in the lines drawn on it by students. This makes it even easier to see what is being drawn or written down, resulting in a much cleaner and clearer image for everyone to see.