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Features of honda generator eu10i

Honda generator eu10i is a small-sized 10kw 3 phase generator which is portable and convenient to use. The Honda generator can be used in such a diverse way, it suits different needs of the user depending on what they need. Honda generator eu10i can be put under the car, or on the back seat, and Honda generator eu10i is compact enough that it won’t take up much space. Honda generator eu10i has a built-in battery which lets you start your engine with ease. The unit’s power will last for about 20 hours with its charge capacity of about 10 Ah.

Features of honda generator eu10i

1.Automatic voltage stabilizer to prevent unstable supply voltage.

This is a very important function that is not present in generators of other brands. If the voltage is unstable, it will cause damage to the appliances and result in less effective use of the generator.

2.High-frequency inverter and start system.

The high frequency inverter will improve efficiency when compared to other systems and the start system is more energy efficient than Honda generator eu10i with a pull cord. When you are done using it, you can easily turn off the generator simply by moving an easy switch button on its body. The only drawback to this is that it doesn’t have a digital interface because some people find LCD displays easier to read while monitoring power supply.

3.Outdoor-protected start system.

This is a very useful feature because it protects the device against damage. The unit will shut down automatically if it detects any change in the ambient temperature by sensing thermistors. This function is necessary because heat can destroy the generator, and overheating can also cause short circuits due to the accumulation of electrical current while charging the battery.

4.Intelligent speed control system.

This feature is important in order to achieve optimal use of the generator, especially since it is powered by small engines.

5.Generator tester function.

This function, through a special angle sensor, will automatically shut down the unit when any voltage is detected to prevent damage due to leaks or contacts. This function can be accessed by using a special code specific only to Honda generator eu10i, although this is not necessary because the default settings are always in force once the unit is turned on. This feature must be used with care because over voltage can damage sensitive equipment such as computer monitors and electrical appliances that use LCD displays.

6.Auto generator starting function.

This is a very useful function especially in the event of power failure. It can be set to work in two different ways, manual and automatic. The manual mode will only start the generator when power is detected while the automatic mode will start it before any power failure occurs.

7.Two-stage battery charging safety circuit.

This feature protects your battery from overcharging by preventing it from being charged with high current.

8.Battery monitoring system.

This is an important safety feature that allows you to know how much power you have available at all times.

9.Refueling and charge indicator systems.

When the unit is recharged through its charger, it will automatically start up again whenever there is a power failure, so it can be used in such a way to run continuously even when there are no fuel sources nearby. It will recharge itself for around 20 hours of use once it has been fully charged through its automatic charger.