Choosing Stained Glass Patterns for Your Interior Décor

Whether renovating an existing space or designing a new space, such as a commercial office, Cambridge glass patterns add a warm glow and add value to your property. However, choosing the ideal glass patterns for your space can be hard, as there are many options to choose from. Many patterns almost look the same, and therefore if you do not know what you want, you may end up with the wrong pattern. If it is your first time or you have no idea about glass patterns, you can consult a glass company, and the experts will advise you accordingly. Below are some common glass patterns that you can consider.


Flowers are a popular and traditional theme for stained glass patterns. The appearance of these patterns is diverse and aesthetically appealing – just like nature. If you wish to go with this pattern, you can ask your glass company to show different drawings and designs to make the right choice. No matter what design you go for, you can never go wrong with anything nature like pattern.


Cambridge glass patterns that fall under this category share some characteristics with floral patterns. Many of these patterns will incorporate flowers into the design and have vibrant colors such as red, purple, and green. In these patterns, the lines are smooth and also curvy and often follows an intricate geometric pattern. Lastly, these Victorian patterns incorporate beveled glass.


This is a pattern that is hard to define. In this case, artists use past drawings to modernize patterns to their likings also to suit the client’s needs. Basically, modern Cambridge glass patterns are customized to suit a particular space where they will be placed. These modern patterns need not comply with any rules regarding shapes, color, and design.

Art deco

Art décor glass windows became popular in the early 21st century. The characteristic of these patterns is the use of geometric shapes and also bright colors. When it comes to these Cambridge glass patterns, the artist can create any scene using squares, triangles, circles, and other shapes. They can as well make use of simple designs such as seascapes featuring repeating patterns.

Choosing the right pattern for your glass is very important, whether for residential or commercial use. The color, size, and framing are also critical for a harmonized look. Therefore, take time to research and only go for a pattern that suits your needs.

Once you settle on a specific glass pattern, it is now time for the main job. It is time to have the pattern engraved on your glass. This is where glass companies come in. You need to find a professional company for Cambridge glass patterns. There are many such service providers and so ensure you are working with the best. Some offer engraving services only while others offer both glass supply and engraving. Work with a glass company that provides both services. This way, you can order custom glasses and have patterns engraved before the glass leaves the facility. This way, you save time and also money as everything is under one roof.