How to choose daikin air source heat pumps

how it cools down in summer. This is one of the main reasons people generally install them in their homes and workplaces. It’s easy to use and does the job effectively. It uses electricity as an energy source. It is known for its energy efficient operation. With a switch, homeowners can reverse the function of a heat pump from heating to cooling. It can be installed in all types of buildings, which is why it is considered one of the most sought-after heating systems for private houses.

However, you should regularly maintain your heat pump to ensure that your system will function properly over the long term. Therefore, you need to carry out the maintenance yourself or with the help of a professional. Maintaining this system is not that complicated and can be done easily if you have the basic knowledge. Below are some basic heating maintenance tips to keep your system in good condition at all times.

Heating systems mainly consist of two units, the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. You can repair these devices separately. Accordingly, here are the maintenance steps.

Outdoor unit

Before performing this heating service “”, make sure that the power is turned off and the main cable is unplugged. This is for your safety while the task is in progress. First remove any obstacles such as weeds, paper or leaves in and around the outdoor unit. Remove the housing and clean the fins with combs or brushes. Make sure the slats are not damaged. Now check the coil. If dirt has built up, use the brush to clean it. If that doesn’t help, use a little detergent, wipe it off, and let it dry.

Next, verify that the heat exchange fan is loose from the fan blades or shaft and secure it. Lubricate the fan shaft or motor to limit noise. However, it is recommended to replace the fan blades if they are bent. Bent fan blades are difficult to correct and affect the performance of the heat pump.

Indoor unit

Regular troubleshooting of the heating system is required to identify system failures. Even small problems shouldn’t be ignored, as small problems add up and lead to a bigger problem.

Maintenance of the indoor unit of a heat pump mainly consists of cleaning the air filters. To do this, you need to remove the lining of the indoor unit. Make sure you unscrew all of the screws the right way and place them where you won’t lose them. Behind the plate there are two filters, the first of which is made of mesh and the other is smaller with fine pores. Remove both filters, check for any buildup of dirt and grime, and clean them with a suitable detergent (diluted vinegar recommended). Dry and replace. Reattach the panels and the filter cleaning is complete.