Difference between engraving and etching

Those two processes of making a design on metal or out of metal, engraving, and etching are often confused as one and the same. But they are not the same at all, of course, they produce similar results, like Coca Cola and Pepsi. The same results look almost the same, but they are not the same. Now let’s see the difference between engraving and etching.

Difference between engraving and etching Number 1

Engraving is a physical process in with the metal is removed by scratching the metal surface with a diamond form tool or is made with a laser. But the engraving process doesn’t try to save the material and is not so cost-efficient nowadays. This was developed as a printmaking method even from the 15th century.

The etching is a chemical process in which the metal material is laminate and put under exposure of UV light in order to make it resistant to the acid spray that will be sprayed on the etching machine. Where the design is, it will be put a mask that is protection from lamination and UV light, so when the spray will touch it, it will dissolve it.

Difference between engraving and etching Number 2

With the engraving process, the metal is scratched or burned a lot deeper than the etching process. This is perfect for a simple design that needs to stand out on the metal.

With the Etching process, the design is slightly dissolved only on the surface.

Difference between engraving and etching Number 3

Engraving process has less precision than the etching process, which means if a detailed design is needed, the best choice is etching.

The etching process is the best choice for a design where precision is needed. When that mask of design is put on, everything that will be protected will don’t have any sign. Only the exact design mask form will be dissolved on the surface.

Difference between engraving and etching Number 4

Engraving have a processing speed lower than the etching process, so is more time consuming as a method of printing on metal

The etching process is fast and saves a lot of material. Also, the etching process is low cost.

Difference between engraving and etching Number 5

Engraving can be a perfect use for large material where there is not so much detail in the design.

The etching is more for the detailed design and is ideal for small and thin materials