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In recent years, technological advances in the field of health have been extraordinary, which help both doctors to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments and patients to better control their health and thus have a healthier life. One of the fields where we have seen more advances is in the technology of monitoring devices, where companies like EQUIVITAL have marked a before and after with their magnificent devices. Therefore, below we will talk about how using these devices can improve your life.


To understand the magnitude of mobile technology in the field of health just take a look at the App Store / Play store and see the variety of applications available to us today.

  • Doctors of different specialties now rely on these types of devices to diagnose and keep better track of patients with cardiovascular, and/or respiratory diseases and conditions.
  • Occasionally, a patient with such problems may not show any symptoms when they arrive at the doctor’s office, so they can review the information stored in the monitoring device and thus better study the patient’s situation.
  • In addition, they also stand out for their convenience as they are usually small and comfortable devices for daily use at home, at work, when going out with friends, to go exercising, etc.
  • Monitoring devices also provide another fundamental factor to patients, motivation. Having second-by-second information at their fingertips helps them to keep better control and maintain a healthier lifestyle. In fact, we have seen how couples, friends, and families are constantly motivated by evaluating the information stored on their devices.


Whether you have a cardiovascular or respiratory condition or simply want to keep better control of your body, the eq LifeMonitor is the perfect choice for you because it is the best breath monitoring device. With it, you can monitor in real-time all the physiological data of your body, such as heart rate, skin temperature, and respiratory rate, among others.

A fundamental element of any monitoring device is the storage capacity, where the eq LifeMonitor stands out with a memory of 8 GB to record all physiological data for up to 50 days, which allows more accurate monitoring of vital signs. In addition, equivital’s devices can be integrated with devices from other pioneering brands, such as the VitalSense dermal patch and Nonin oxygen saturation probes.

The eq LifeMonitor is designed so that anyone can use it without any problem since it is easy to configure it so that they can later record, monitor and export the data when necessary. It has a high-quality battery that lasts up to 48 hours, and auxiliary power packs are included so you can continue to monitor your vital signs.

Plus, you won’t have to worry if it starts to rain because both the LifeMonitor and the belt are waterproof (IP67) and even operate in extreme temperatures from -4 to 130 degrees F and withstand humidity levels of up to 95%.